Working Harder in Tough Job Market


December 30, 2009|Kyle Langan

It comes as a surprise to no one that for the past year, America has been under dire economic straits. With the employment rate resembling that of the Great Depression, soon to be college graduates like myself are not looking forward to breaking into the job market. However, with perseverance and a little luck, students graduating in May will hopefully be securing full-time jobs.

As a communication major at DeSales University, I plan to enter the field of writing, hopefully as a journalist or broadcast journalist upon graduation. Over the past four years, I have worked very hard for a degree from DeSales; but was all my work in vain? Initially I had serious concerns about how I would support myself in the coming months in the current job climate. Thoughts arose in my mind about being in the same position as the unemployed because my degree did not mean anything. Additionally, when the time came to be hired, I thought for sure a prospective employer would choose a middle-aged professional with 20 years of experience over my bachelor’s degree

Then I thought about the American dream, which is, of course, wealth and success through means of hard work and diligence. However, in our current society with celebrities skyrocketing to fame because of sex tapes, where is the justice? It is simply not fair that educated people who work their hardest to better themselves are not rewarded for their efforts.

Therefore, I did not think an American dream existed. Maybe a long time ago it was relevant, but now, there are no rules. Everyone is an individual, and so should have their own aspirations to aim for. However, the fact that hard work pays off monetarily and personally should not be overshadowed.

Then I took a breath. Though at times my future seems discouraging and unfavorable, if there is one thing that can save us college grads from our own despair, it is optimism. Perhaps I feel that life is dealing me an unfair hand, but I am a big believer in staying positive and looking on the bright side. I know I cannot change the way the economy turned out, so why stress about it? Now I know that I have to work harder than ever to make myself stand out and possess that certain pizzazz that my future employers want.

To me, it is not worth stressing or becoming upset over circumstances I cannot change. So the economy is messed up, but what am I going to do about it? The only thing in my power is to look out for myself and continue my job search. In a bizarre way, it is rather motivating. Now I have to make my writing and other professional work stand out above everyone else. I have to be the one who outshines everybody.

Though I was originally upset about the job market, I’m not going to wallow in self-pity and let myself fall into a funk, because I will not allow myself to sink to that place. I have to persevere and stay focused on my dreams. All I can do now is keep my options open, be ready for new experiences and opportunities that may come my way, and believe in myself.

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