Buying for Boyfriend: Gifts For Him

You don’t need to be reminded the holidays are fast approaching, but I’ll bet there are some of you out there who haven’t exactly finished all of your shopping yet. There’s no denying shopping for loved ones we’re closest to can be a serious challenge, but fear not—we gotcha covered on gifts for the special man in your life (for all eight nights of Hanukkah!).

This simple guide will steer you in the right direction for the perfect gift to give him. Whether it be for a boyfriend, a boy that’s a friend, or just or even old dad, these man presents will inspire, in both gifting ideas, and getting you some action…just not from Dad.

Of course we’d all love to have the luxury of being able to spend on the best money can buy because that special “him” deserves it, but alas, welcome to the 99%. Bearing that pesky but integral factor to present-purchasing in mind, half of this list is geared towards the shopper on a budget with gifts under $100, the rest north of a Benjamin.

How amazing is this thing? The best gifts I like to receive are ones that I actually use, and unless your man is stranded on a deserted island, he’s probably going to want to shave often.  A sleek shaving mirror you can mount in the shower is the perfect way to show you care by not breaking the bank. This thing is only $30! Plus, don’t lie, you know you’ll get use out of it too when you want to see yourself belting out your favorite songs while lathering up.

What’s the best way into a guy’s heart besides you? BEER. This is no secret, foamy brews has been comforting men since the middle ages, so why not induct yours into the “Beer of the Month Club?” From IPA’s to ales, there is something for everyone. $36.95 per month, or you can pay in one flat rate.

So what happens when your guy says, “thanks for all the beer, babe, but how am I going to carry it around?”. Relax. I’ve got you covered on this one too. A beer holster! Talk about things you actually use. Now you can get your guy to do that housework you’ve been nagging about by bribing him with strategically placed on his belt loop – hands free! It’s like a bluetooth, but way cooler. Only $30. [Editor’s Note: Just make sure you’ve clearly stated the ground rules that he’s not to wear it in public around you, unless you’re the type who also finds bluetooth earpieces socially acceptable.]

This gift is obviously ideal for the golfer, or at least someone with aspirations of becoming one. What better way to spend the afternoon on the green than with a refreshing (alcoholic) beverage? Now you can have both! This idea is genius. I may have to take up golfing just so I can put it to use.  Only $89.99.

Men like watches. They always have. They don’t always ensure punctuality, but hey, guys will be guys. Sometimes when the overused silver metallic watches gracing his wrist has grown tiresome, try this cool alternative. It’s a wooden watch that’s chemical-free, environmentally-conscious (for all those going green), plus it’s surprisingly less weighty than your standard Timex or Rolex. For $120.00.

Whether cruising the Mammoth slopes or just strolling around Griffith Park on a hike, this jacket is perfect for the colder months. Many pockets offer your man plenty of room for his gadgets, while the fleece makes him comfortable enough to snuggle up to.  For $140.00.

If you are into throwing around some more cash and your man loves music (or maybe just likes tuning out in general), you have got to go with Dr. Dre’s Monster Cable Beats headphones. These things are amazing—a sonic buffer between you and everything else so you can focus on the task at hand. For $299.00.

If your guy is like me and still stuffing his packed-full backpack from college into the overhead compartment when you travel, then a classic leather duffle is a nice way of welcoming him the world of grownup luggage. It’s the kind of thing most guys wouldn’t think to get for themselves but will get very good use from once its theirs. Prices vary so you have plenty of options to pick one that works best for your budget, but I’ll offer you this: guys like the ones with lots of pockets. Don’t ask why, but the more pockets, the better. This one from RedEnvelope for $299.95.

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