Skipping Breakfast

Ah, breakfast; the once-famed “most important meal of the day.”  But is it?

Well, if you just gobbled down a chocolate covered croissant and coffee with more creamer than caffeine, then clearly, no.  And congratulations for starting your day off with dessert, chubster.

However, scientists have recently gone to prove that the urban myth about breakfast’s importance may indeed have some truth to it.

Think about it, many people in the U.S. are guilty of skipping breakfast.  If you really take it into consideration, it is truly the most inconvenient meal.  On a whole, we as a society are constantly in a rush and after showering, dressing, and making sure you have everything ready for your workday, breakfast can easily fall by the wayside.  And it often does.

But did you know that studies have shown that skipping breakfast can negatively impact your health and weight?

At the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, 1,549 pre-school children were examined and observed to see what the differences were between the ones that did eat breakfast, and those who did not.

Total daily energy intakes did not vary drastically between the groups of children, only because the breakfast skippers voluntarily made up for what they missed at breakfast with larger portions at lunch and dinner.

Poor kids, scarfing down as much as humanly possible because Ma and Pa were in too much of a rush to pour them some Lucky Charms.  Hearts go out to you.

It was recorded however, that breakfast skippers’ body mass index, or BMI, rose as their intake of energy (food in general), carbs, and grains increased.  Children that ate the typical three meals per day though, possessed a more stable BMI, thus concluding that three meals per day instead of two larger ones, was more conducive to a healthier body weight.

At the University of Parma, in Italy, surveys showed that worldwide, the most popular breakfast foods for children were bakery products (at a whopping 76%) and milk, which doesn’t seem too bad, until you think about all the fat it has.

What are you doing to your kids, people??  Essentially, they’re eating foods that have the same amount of nutrients as cookies and milk…for breakfast!

Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and furthermore, the University of Parma discovered that not eating the meal hinders physical and mental performance during the first part of the day.  The study also noted the prevalence of obesity was greater in breakfast skippers.

So, is breakfast the most important meal of the day?  You can decide.  But after reading these studies, I’m going to think twice the next time I’m about to grab a doughnut in the morning.  Play it safe and just scramble an egg instead.