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Unique Weight Loss

Let’s cut to the chase; America is large.  And no, not just geographically speaking.  We’re talking, good old-fashioned, fried-chicken-and-doughnuts-fat.  According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination in 2011, 35% of adults across… Continue reading

Skipping Breakfast

Ah, breakfast; the once-famed “most important meal of the day.”  But is it? Well, if you just gobbled down a chocolate covered croissant and coffee with more creamer than caffeine, then clearly, no. … Continue reading

Gifts for Girlfriends

We got the guys covered, but what should we get for the girls that seemingly have everything? I’m going to touch on that too, fear not gentleman. I’d stay away from clothes and… Continue reading

Sexting Foolishness

iTHINK January 22, 2010|Kyle Langan With terms like ” Facebook’‘ and ”sexting” and stories about young adults sending inappropriate photos to one another, it is clear that technology has infiltrated how we communicate.… Continue reading

Working Harder in Tough Job Market

iTHINK December 30, 2009|Kyle Langan It comes as a surprise to no one that for the past year, America has been under dire economic straits. With the employment rate resembling that of the… Continue reading


Last weekend I began conversing with a friend of mine who expressed their ultimate desire about breaking into the entertainment industry, but who was convinced that doing so was a mistake, that obtaining… Continue reading