Kyle On: Jerry O’Connell

I sat down with actor, writer, and good friend Jerry O’Connell to talk about his extensive career in Hollywood, how he makes it work, and how he went from being part of a… Continue reading

Kyle On: DeVanity

DeVanity, the smash-hit web soap opera, now in it’s fourth season, is the brainchild of creator, writer and cast member, Michael Caruso. Because of his love of the soap genre and passion for… Continue reading

Kyle On: Entrepreneur Darren Darnborough

Darren Darnborough is a man who goes after what he wants. With a penchant for filmmaking, a talent for making friends, and enough determination to move a mountain for success, he sits down… Continue reading

Kyle On: Screenwriter David Brind

David Brind is a Hollywood screenwriter that made his feature debut with the Sundance favorite, Dare, starring Emmy Rossum and Zach GIlford, in 2009. From writing shorts and features to pitching his own… Continue reading

Kyle On: Patrick Targét & Hurricane Sandy

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy last fall impacted countless lives; New York and New Jersey residents were hit hard, leaving them homeless, hungry, and without the proper means to survive.  Sandy wrought the… Continue reading

Palos Verdes Ride for Habitat for Humanity

On Saturday, April 16, 2013, the official Palos Verdes Ride for Habitat for Humanity announces its second annual charity bike ride to benefit Habitat for Greater Los Angeles.  As tradition, the first official… Continue reading

Kyle On: Shawn Rougeron

Traveling through the city streets of Morocco, French-American nightclub promoter Shawn Rougeron was lost.  No, not lost in the physical sense as one would think common when visiting a foreign country.  Shawn was… Continue reading

Unique Weight Loss

Let’s cut to the chase; America is large.  And no, not just geographically speaking.  We’re talking, good old-fashioned, fried-chicken-and-doughnuts-fat.  According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination in 2011, 35% of adults across… Continue reading

Skipping Breakfast

Ah, breakfast; the once-famed “most important meal of the day.”  But is it? Well, if you just gobbled down a chocolate covered croissant and coffee with more creamer than caffeine, then clearly, no. … Continue reading

No Shave November: A Guide To Movember Scruff

November in L.A means it’s time to reach for the sweaters and hop on board with the rest of the country on fall fashions. It also means a full month in which putting… Continue reading